About us

Society for Jizera Mountains, Public Benefit Organization

Společnost pro Jizerské hory, o.p.s. has been working since 1999 in region of Jizera Mountains (Jizerské hory). Our goal is to renew local natural and landscape values. Significant part of our activities is focused on nonformal education in environment field. Next to purely practical projects as avenue planting or restoration of natural areas, we work with youth and children in our Environmental Education Centre. This centre is located in Jizerka village, the highest settlement in Jizera mountains (890 m). Here far in the mountains we prepare environmental educational programs for schools and public inspired by local natural and historical features.

Jizera Mountains

Jizera Mountains are situated in northern part of Czech republic borders Poland. Most of the mountains belongs to Protected Landscape Area (CHKO Jizerské hory). This area is specific by highly valued localities of peat bogs. These are the largest one in Czech Republic and for its international importance also written in Ramsar List of Wetlands under name „Jizera Headwaters“.